Searching for a Project to use in a Proposal

Hi, Fedora Community!

My name is Richard Gregory. I am searching for an open-source project within the fedora ecosystem to write a proposal for a fellowship I am applying to.

About Me
I am a former Outreachy intern for Fedora. My speciality is in full-stack web development. Mostly Python stuff. I can also write basic algorithms in whatever programming language.

About the Project

  • A typical outcome would be a mix of a coordinated open-source contribution, a new tool or prototype, a scientific research paper, or a conference presentation. As long as the project benefits the open-source community, interpreted broadly, it is a suitable project for a Fellowship.

  • The project should be reproducible, shareable and composable contributions. Contributions should align with community interests and integrate with larger software ecosystems.

  • The project must have a reasonable chance for success in 12 weeks and should be well-defined and impactful enough to consider funding.


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Hi @richardgreg,

I would suggest reaching out to either @siddharthvipul1 and @sumantrom, for they are organization admin for mentored projects under Fedora to once consult about this. If we have approval then we might create a ticket under the mentored projects Pagure namespace Overview - mentored-projects - and float a mail in the mailing lists asking for folks to reach out with their proposal ideas as comments under the said ticket.

Out of curiosity, is this the fellowship that you’re applying for

In case of further questions/concerns, we can always have a conversation in the Fedora Summer Coding Telegram group (which you can find here) or the mailing lists.

Thanks. Will do.

Yeah. Do you have experience or any thoughts about it?

Hey @richardgreg, you might also link up with @lilyx on this too. I think she is already working on a fellowship with Fedora and she might have some thoughts based on her experience the past few months.

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Yeah. Do you have experience or any thoughts about it?

I don’t. I would read up more about it to check on the feasibility/viability of this mentorship venture.

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