Screen larger than resolution on Nvidia driver

Hi. I just recently build a new system for development. Been a Fedora user for years but mostly on laptops. I am now facing a weird issue that I do not even know how to word when searching for it.

With the Nvidia driver from rpm fusion, when I make applications full screen they vertically stretch much larger than the screen actually is. Like with the Spotify app when I make it full screen the bottom bar with the music controls go off-screen. I cannot move my mouse to this off-screen area. It happens with every window that I make full screen. This is not an issue at all in normal desktop apps except if I make them full screen I lose the bottom 15%. This becomes really weird with games (tried CS:GO). The game thinks the screen is larger than it is which puts the mouse slightly down from where it is shown on the screen and then the game is unplayable.

I cannot find anything wrong. Driver install went fine. Screen resolution is correct at 2560x1440. No screen offsets are configured. Uninstalling the proprietary diver fixes it but when I install it again back is the same issue. It could be my odd hardware setup with a brand new CPU (might still have some bugs) and a quite old GPU.

Specs: Ryzen 5900X and GTX760.
Yes I know I should use an AMD card, but this is what I had on hand. Will probably buy a lower en DRNA 2 card when those releases.

So it seems like it is a bug in the Nvidia driver which automatically creates vertical panning and adds 127 pixels to it. I’ve posted on the Nvidia forms Driver adding 127 pixels to vertical panning? - Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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