Screen goes blank after wake from sleep or lock on Fedora 34

The screen back lights turn on but the screen remains blank after wake from sleep or lock.

I installed the KDE plasma DE and then the problem started happening on logout. I uninstalled it but it didn’t help.

If I lock and prevent the screen from turning off, I am able to prevent the problem.

I don’t know where to begin debugging the problem or the specific keywords to search for this. I am a relatively new Linux user.

Any help or leads here would be appreciated. I am happy to provide further details or log output as needed.

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Please no “me too” reponses unless you’re adding meaningful information like log outputs, relevant files, drivers, etc.

Came here to post this, same issue.
I installed openbox but I think I had that problem before installing it.

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I have a similar problem. The problem appears when working through Display port, but it is not if the monitor is connected through HDMI.

I tried changing grub (grub2) settings to add nomodeset in the options. It fixed the issue around blank screens but my computer started being a bit slower. I’m not sure why. I removed that option for now.