Scaling Factor doesn't affect Google Chrome

I’m using Google Chrome under Fedora 29 and I noticed the font size of the interface didn’t change after I reduced the “Scaling Factor” in Gnome Tweak Tool to 0,90, every single Gnome app is affected by this change except Google Chrome.

What can I do to fix it?

Since nobody was unable to help me to fix this, what I did was to revert the “Scaling Factor” back to 1.00 and changed the “Interface Text” and “Legacy Window Titles” from the default 11 size to 9 size and changed the default “Cantarell” font to one bolder because it looked too thin.

I guess we have to wait until the experimental “Fractional Scaling” which is available in Fedora 30 becomes an stable feature in Gnome.

I switched the font size to 10 and it’s actually better than 9 and 11 sizes!, the interface looks the way I wanted and I guess Gnome should come with size 10 by default!: