SB33: steam- requires libcurl(x86-32), but none can be installed


Testing SB33 I’m seeing the following conflict when trying to install steam from rpmfusion (fc33):

Enabled rpm-md repositories: fedora rpmfusion-nonfree fedora-cisco-openh264 updates rpmfusion-free code
error: Could not depsolve transaction; 1 problem detected:
 Problem: package libcurl-7.71.1-7.fc33.i686 requires, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package steam- requires libcurl(x86-32), but none of the providers can be installed
  - libnghttp2-1.41.0-3.fc33.i686 has inferior architecture
  - libcurl-minimal-7.71.1-7.fc33.i686 has inferior architecture
  - cannot install both libnghttp2-1.41.0-3.fc33.x86_64 and libnghttp2-1.41.0-3.module_f33+9662+0b377b41.x86_64
  - package libcurl-minimal-7.71.1-7.fc33.x86_64 conflicts with libcurl(x86-64) provided by libcurl-7.71.1-7.fc33.x86_64
  - conflicting requests

Is this an issue with Fedoras provided dependencies or rpmfusion?

rpmfusion usually takes some time to get updated packages for a new release. Fedora 33 is still beta so rpmfusion may not fully catch up until after final release.

rpmfusion has updated the steam package for Fedora 33 ( The problem as of now is that the base image of Fedora Silverblue 33 has an dependency to libnghttp2-1.41.0-3.module_f33 which conflicts with steam- dependency for libnghttp2-1.41.0-3.fc33.

Workaround for now:

toolbox enter # a toolbox with f33
dnf download libnghttp2-1.41.0-3.fc33.x86_64
rpm-ostree override replace libnghttp2-1.41.0-3.fc33.x86_64.rpm
rpm-ostree install steam

As an alternative, would installing Steam using the flatpak from flathub be acceptable?

Not trying to suggest that you should, or that it’s a better way or anything, but I personally try to minimize the amount of overlay RPMs that I install on my Silverblue host; and use flatpaks or container images with podman where I can instead.

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Not saying that the repo package is not the way to go, just giving my experience. After going back and forth between the repo and the flatpak version for a year or so, I’ve now landed in the flatpak one. I used to have issues with lots of games in the flatpak one but in recent times, I’ve had way fewer issue there than in the repo version.

Thanks for the flatpak suggestions. I’ve tested it last year but postponed it after some heavy blockers. Gave it a run yesterday with my installed library. Most previous blockers are fixed but there are still some open issues. SECCOMP is not supported - which stops Denuvo games like SoulCalibur 6 and Hades was stuck in a blackscreen with a “wine - […] - feature unimplemented” loop on the terminal. I’ll stay with the RPMfusion package for now, but I’ll keep an eye on the flatpak.

The culprit of the problem is that the current Silverblue 33 base image contains several packages with module (e.g. libnghttp2-1.41.0-3.module_f33+9662+0b377b41) and a ?commit id? in their name. The package names differ when installing Fedora 33 Workstation beta - that’s why RPMfusion upstream closed the issue as it’s not issue in Fedora 33 Workstation.

Are the .module_f33 packages part of the beta/prerelease process of SB and will be replaced/kept in sync with Workstation on its stable release or is this a new approach of Silverblue base images?

The issue was resolved with todays base update. Silverblue 33.20201025.0.