Samsung Magician Alternatives?

Samsung Magician is not supported on Linux - Samsung Magician Software Download | Samsung Semiconductor Global

Are there alternatives? I’m looking for ways to apply SSD firmware updates and other SSD helper utilities like TRIM and secure erase. I have a 970 Samsung SSD.

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You already have trim in fedora, it is there from many years
For secure erase, install nvme-cli and use nvme command as root.

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Firmware updates come through fwupd

You can see which vendors (and devices) participate in the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS), which is what fwupd works from, here:

Samsung is listed, but I don’t see that they’re providing SSD firmware files.

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Here a guy tried firmware update on ubuntu:
use at your own risk.
My advice: don’t do that, unless firmware is heavily broken.
My experience: avoid samsung nvme. They tend to develop serious problems after some time. Google for it.

Thanks for this, I’m quite new to linux and was not aware of this.
Was able to verify that TRIM is taking place on my system regularly.

Thank you also for this.

I came across this post - Firmware update Samsung SSD in Linux - Intermittent Technology
I’m still finding my way around the command line, would this be a good guide to follow? He mentioned he was on Ubuntu, so unsure whether all the commands shown would also work for Fedora. The 970 firmware is listed in the page he linked to so that’s a small win.

Has anyone else successfully updated their Samsung SSD firmware on Fedora? Would appreciate any guidance and advice on this.

I don’t have samsung, but as a general note. – Unless the firmware is causing problems (which may be possible) it is often better to not make changes on drives. For me the principle is usually “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and KISS.

Doing firmware updates have a potential to totally break things if something unexpected occurs.

I’m fortunate to have a Windows desktop with two NVME slots so I just put my Samsung drives in there for firmware updates.

fwupd in linux works quite well but it doesn’t have everything. For example it will do my laptop but not the dock. I just put a spare windows drive in for that.

I’m with you on this, I saw that Samsung SSDs have been having issues and that firmware updates were recommended. I have not experienced any read/write speed loss yet so I’m good for now. Kinda surprised at the apparent lack of manufacturer support from Samsung tbh.

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