Samsung Galaxy Book Pro (fingerprint sensor)

Hello Fedora community! I’m facing two issues with my Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop (model: np950xdb-ks1br) after installing Fedora. Firstly, the fingerprint sensor is not working, even after installing the operating system and using the ‘lsusb’ command to check if the sensor is being recognized. What can I do to troubleshoot this problem? Additionally, on Windows 11, the HDR function worked perfectly, but now that I’m using Fedora, I’m not sure how to check if HDR is enabled or how to adjust related settings. Is there a way to enable HDR in Fedora and verify its functionality? I appreciate any help or guidance you can provide. Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to Fedora @lyovalois

To check your hardware there is an app called inxi you can install and run.

Inxi -Fzx #gives a good overview of your system

If your hardware not has an opensource dirver or an reverse engeneered driver you probably will have it hard to make it run.

For HDR the same, if there is no driver available for your hardware it will be hard to make it working.

So please run the above command and past the output as pre-formated thext here.