Samsung CLX-3300 series printer driver

Hi all,
I noticed that the driver for my Samsung CLX-3305 printer, is not present in Fedora 35 Kinoite (even after all updates) instead it is present in Fedora 35 Workstation KDE Spin.
I tried a fresh install of both and the Workstation edition installed the driver automatically while Fedora Kinoite did not.

This is interesting. Could you find the package missing in Kinoite? You can look for the drivers files and find it with rpm -qf /path/to/file. Can you report that at Issues - fedora-kde/SIG - Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. I’m really sorry Siosm but I’m a newbie and I didn’t understand what I have to do but I really would like to help in solving the problem.
In Kinoite, I installed the printer using a ppd found in the package downloaded here:
while in the Workstation edition it just installed itself after I turned it on (via usb).