Samba Server hide home folder

Just migrated from Ubuntu to Fedora 37 and followed this guide Samba Setup Guide.

Managed to make everything work. Just one setback, when i enter as my main user account i see both my home folder and my shared folder(that is inside my home folder, so you can say i see it twice)

Is there a way to only see my shared folder when i sign-in to samba as my main user account? Or do i have to create another user and add him to a group that everyone can see?

ChatGpt recommended the following in the smb.conf but didn’t work.

hide files = /home/yourusername/*
unix extensions = no

if the machine( ChatGpt) -suggestions are valid [0]: Was the smb restartet after adjustments in smb.conf ?

nearly !
testparm -v |grep -iE ‘hide|unix’
=> both are there, but “unix extensions” should read “smb1- or smb3 unix extensions”

other way:
you could move the shared folder out of your

as described in the Samba Setup Guide similar to section “Sharing a directory for many users”

  • login as root
  • create a folder under /home/
  • chown -R <your-user-name>:<your-group-name> /home/<new-shared-folder name>
  • logoff as root
  • copy the files/directories from your old shared folder to the new shared folder [1]
  • run the semanage commands for /home/<new-shared-folder name>
  • adjust your smb.conf [2]
  • test smb.conf with the command testparm or testparm -v
  • restart smb.service

I wonder if a link would also do ?
ln -s /home/<new shared folder> /home/<username>/<old shared folder>


  • I guess you could use what’s in the Guide is used as [share]
  • adjust the share name, comment, path (!), public(!?), write list, ?

and/or consult what you’re currently using for [homes] or the [public] in /etc/samba/smb.conf.example.

read up smb.conf.example regarding SELinux !

You are surprised to see the same data twice when your user has 2 different paths to reach it? Why?
One is the shared path and one is the home folder path. If that user has access to both paths they should be able to see the same data twice.

The suggestion above about relocating the shared data to a different path makes a lot of sense, or the user could just accept that the data in both locations is actually the same. There are advantages to both methods so use what seems right for you.

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