Ryzen 8845HS can't boot Fedora (not even rawhide), except with `nomodeset`


I’m trying a Lenovo 14AHP9, that comes with a Ryzen 7 8845HS -based laptop support is very sketchy on Linux.

No distro can boot up the system, except using the nomodeset flag on GRUB boot parameters. Plus, trying Fedora rawhide, which I assume uses the latest bleeding edge Linux Kernel (currently v6.9-rc6), problems persist. Windows 11 works flawlessly.


My guess is the amdgpu drive that decides to not play nice with the 8845HS platform.

It may be also a BIOS/Firmware/UEFI related problem, but I don’t know how it could affect that unless the firmware is retrieved from it by the amdgpu, which would require a UEFI update.

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Set nomodeset on boot flags. You can do that pressing e on the Fedora entry in GRUB2, and add that around quiet rhgb.

That laptop shows a Ryzen 7 8845HS processor and Nvidia RTX 3050 GPU (on the lenovo site).

It is quite common that the newer nvidia GPUs require that the install media be booted in basic graphics mode (nomodeset) with the default nouveau driver. This can easily be changed after the install is complete by enabling the 3rd party repos and installing the nvidia drivers from the rpmfusion repo.

This is not a kernel issue at all, but seems to be a GPU issue (which should be apparent because nomodeset is required).

From Proposed Common Issues to Ask Fedora

This version doesn’t come with an NVIDIA GPU.

Honestly I thought that Bluefin would be excellent, but no distro have been successful without nomodeset. Not even this version of fedora.

If this is no kernel issue at all, but a GPU issue, how can I diagnose what is happening?

Please post the output from running inxi -Fzxx in a terminal (as pre-formatted text using </> button from the top line of the text entry box). This will show us exactly what graphics hardware is installed, and will be discoverable with web searches so may help others with the same problem and hardware component.

Not running any distro didn’t bring me confidence, so I ended up returning it this morning.

I’m going to wait a couple of days and test my 8845HS mini pc I wanted to replace. It’s on repairs. so it may be the unit that’s faulty or the platform that has no support.