Running Lando in Toolbox (Docker-CE dependency)

My development workflow involves using Lando which has a dependency on docker-ce. What is my best bet? I obviously can’t run docker inside toolbox. Some have said to spawn docker from toolbox inside my host, others have said podman can be used instead, but I am unsure how I would do that since Lando uses Docker instead.

Can anyone help me?

Ah, this looks like it is a sort of toolbox, just docker-compose based. It is likely that layering docker-ce may be needed. There is podman-compose, which is not entirely a replacement I think.


I figured it wasn’t worth the effort and installed F34 Plasma. I will wait until we have an F35 Silverblue KDE spin and I’m no longer working with godawful wordpress.

There is actually a version of Silverblue using KDE and Plasma called Kionite you can follow along with the discussion at
Here is a link to the doc’s about installing it