Running devel kernel

Hello lads. I just wondered if it’s safe to run devel kernel ( 6.6.9 in my case ). I was building ALVR and as a dependency it accidentally installed me a devel kernel. I don’t use ALVR anymore so i guess i don’t need a devel kernel. How do you switch to the default one? I dont want to encounter any issues in the future. Thanks!

Related to what you were doing, it probably installed kernel-devel. This contains the header/makefiles required to build modules and does not change the current kernel.

One quick way to verify this is to run uname -a in a terminal, and if you see

Linux <yourhostname>  6.6.9-200.fc39.x86_64

you are still running the current kernel.

Hi. I am running 6.6.9 isn’t it the devel kernel? i remember i was on 6.6.6 .

No, that is the latest released kernel.
As stated, if you run uname -a or uname -r it will show the running kernel and if it is named in the form 6.6.9-200.fc39.x86_64 that would be the stock released kernel version.

There is no “devel kernel” as a running kernel. The kernel-devel package is a series of headers and build files, used to build other modules, but it is not a separate kernel. The only separate kernel is kernel-debug.

Oh, thank you so much> I thought i was running unstable kernel.