Run sway in qemu

I would like to run Fedora 36 with sway in qemu.
I am running the VM using:

qemu-system-x86_64 \
    -name "Fedora VM" \
    -enable-kvm \
    -machine q35,smm=off,vmport=off \
    -cpu host,kvm=on \
    -smp cores=4,threads=2,sockets=1 \
    -m 16G \
    -drive file="$VM_IMG",format=raw \
    -device virtio-balloon \
    -device e1000,netdev=net0 \
    -netdev user,id=net0,hostfwd=tcp::10022-:22 \
    -device intel-hda \
    -device hda-duplex \
    -usb -device usb-tablet \
    -device virtio-vga-gl \
    -display gtk,gl=on \
    -k en-gb \

But I get the following error:

$ sway
00:00:00.000 [INFO] [sway/main.c:343] Sway version 1.7
00:00:00.000 [INFO] [sway/main.c:344] wlroots version 0.15.0
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] Linux fedora 5.17.12-300.fc36.x86_64 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon May 30 16:56:53 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:136] Contents of /etc/os-release:
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] NAME="Fedora Linux"
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] VERSION="36 (Thirty Six)"
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] ID=fedora
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] VERSION_ID=36
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] VERSION_CODENAME=""
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] PLATFORM_ID="platform:f36"
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] PRETTY_NAME="Fedora Linux 36 (Thirty Six)"
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] ANSI_COLOR="0;38;2;60;110;180"
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] LOGO=fedora-logo-icon
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] CPE_NAME="cpe:/o:fedoraproject:fedora:36"
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] HOME_URL=""
00:00:00.003 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] DOCUMENTATION_URL=""
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] SUPPORT_URL=""
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] BUG_REPORT_URL=""
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] REDHAT_BUGZILLA_PRODUCT="Fedora"
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] REDHAT_BUGZILLA_PRODUCT_VERSION=36
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] REDHAT_SUPPORT_PRODUCT="Fedora"
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] REDHAT_SUPPORT_PRODUCT_VERSION=36
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] PRIVACY_POLICY_URL=""
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] OSTREE_VERSION='36'
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:136] Contents of /etc/redhat-release:
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:120] Fedora release 36 (Thirty Six)
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:108] LD_LIBRARY_PATH=
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:108] LD_PRELOAD=
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:108] PATH=/home/vasco/.local/bin:/home/vasco/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [sway/main.c:108] SWAYSOCK=
00:00:00.004 [DEBUG] [sway/server.c:50] Preparing Wayland server initialization
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [wlr] [libseat] [libseat/backend/seatd.c:64] Could not connect to socket /run/seatd.sock: No such file or directory
00:00:00.004 [INFO] [wlr] [libseat] [libseat/libseat.c:76] Backend 'seatd' failed to open seat, skipping
00:00:00.005 [ERROR] [wlr] [libseat] [libseat/backend/logind.c:317] Could not activate session: Permission denied
00:00:00.005 [INFO] [wlr] [libseat] [libseat/libseat.c:76] Backend 'logind' failed to open seat, skipping
00:00:00.005 [ERROR] [wlr] [libseat] [libseat/libseat.c:79] No backend was able to open a seat
00:00:00.005 [ERROR] [wlr] [backend/session/session.c:84] Unable to create seat: Function not implemented
00:00:00.006 [ERROR] [wlr] [backend/session/session.c:249] Failed to load session backend
00:00:00.006 [ERROR] [wlr] [backend/backend.c:86] Failed to start a session
00:00:00.006 [ERROR] [wlr] [backend/backend.c:352] Failed to start a DRM session
00:00:00.006 [ERROR] [sway/server.c:56] Unable to create backend

If I try to run Fedora 36 Silverblue it perfectly works using wayland.

Any ideas?