Ruby 2.7 devel of Fedora 34



I was able to install ruby 2.7 with

sudo dnf module install ruby:2.7/default

Now I would like to install ruby-devel 2.7. Is there an easy way to do it?

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Here is a link to the general procedure for researching and installing a specific version of a package;

I suppose there’s a good reason you specifically want ruby 2.7. The normal version for F34 is currently 3.0.2. Unless I’m in need of a specific version, I just
sudo dnf install ruby ruby-devel
and a collection of other libraries I’ll need for the gems I commonly use.

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Take a look at the docs:

Should be a similar command (but I haven’t used modules in ages so I can’t tell you what it should exactly be).

@ankursinha I believe Davide has the procedure down for installing the ruby module, but he’s searching for how to add the specific package ruby-devel. For many modules, he might have chosen a profile that included development packages. The ruby module only comes with a ‘default’ profile, so there’s little else to do with the modular installation.
However, good news. @davidel, you can list the contents of the installed module using
dnf module info ruby
With your module install, you get all the packages listed to be part of that module. And you’ll find that ruby-devel is indeed already there.

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that doc page has a section on installing packages as well:
(the page is just called “installing modules”)

Thanks everyone! ruby-devel in indeed installed with the ruby 2.7 module.

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