Rtl8818eu usb wifi detected but won't connect

Sry I couldn’t reply bcoz I was “first day” blocked.

Will send you the log a few hours later.

Is this clear enough?

I have a similar problem, but, when I use the nwcli (I’ve forgotten the exact command name) to look at the USB dongle, it shows it, but report that it “disabled by a sw lockout.” (I’m trying to configure it as a wi-fi hotspot, and all the configuration settings are shown correctly, the the software doing the lock out is not identified.)

I’m not on my F-35 system just now, and it’s 23:00, so I can’t attach any details, but I thought that, if I had a software lockout, you might want to look for one too.)

No lockout for me.

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Hi Mathew, please consider replying. It’d be a lot helpful!