Simple Homomorphic Encryption library.

Homomorphic Encryption allows you to send encrypted data to a third party and that third party can do computations on the data and return it to you will all the computations happenning on the encrypted data itself. This library uses the helib's binArithmetic library to implement as full a C++ semantic as possible. Helib uses the BGV homomorphic encryption system. This system can do primitive operations of bit level addition and bit level multiplication. Each operation adds some noise to the result, so only a limitted number of operations can be done before the noise overwhelms our actual data. Part of BGV is a way to set the noise level to a lower value by decrypting our the encrypted value homophorphically. The details aren't important for the use of SHE, but this affects the performance of any calculations you do.

Installation Instructions

after installation you can compile your programs:

g++ -o myprog myprog.cpp pkg-config shelib

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