Rpmbuild: is it possible to place Patch files in nested folder?

To help organise my patches, I place my patches under %{_sourcedir_}/patches/ instead of %{_sourcedir_}. That is:

Patch0: patches/0001-patch1.patch
Patch1: patches/0002-patch2.patch

%patch -P0 -p1
%patch -P1 -p1

However when I try to rpmbuild, i got errors that 0001-patch1.patch and 0002-patch2.patch could not be found in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES. So is there any option to tell %patch macro to look inside ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/patches instead?

Many thanks

I have never seen an rpm that does not put the patches in SOURCES.
Do you need more then the .patch to organise things?

Usually SOURCES has 1 tarball and a few patches, which is easy to review.

For the sake of organisation, I would much prefer to be able to place patches in folders (just like that of the Debian packaging system).

To workaround, what I did is copy patches to the root sourcedir in %prep, that is:

cp %{_sourcedir}/patches/**/*.patch %{_sourcedir}
%patch -P0 -p1


In debian you follow the deb rules.
In fedora I suggest you follow the rpm rules.

Trying to make one work like the other is likely to lead to issues and make it harder for you to get help.

The two packaging styles are very different.