Rpm-ostree install only one app at a time?


There seems to be an issue with rpm-ostree. I can do rpm-ostree update && rpm-ostree install 1 2 3 but this means it builds the image twice, right?

Best would be to have it work in one command.


I am in the process of building my own image with some preinstalled rpms to avoid client side layering. But in the meanwhile I would do that.

So I have this weird bug, encountered it already 1 month or so earlier.

I try rpm-ostree update install fish qemu qemu-kvm virt-manager for example, and I get a weird bug that packages are not installed. I actually dont get that bug anymore, but automatically only the first package of that list is installed.

Looking at the process of how layering is done, repeating the layering process over and over again for every package sounds horrible! Is this a bug or somehow intended? Is this related to missing dependency solving in rpm-ostree?

I never encountered that on my current machine, but I also learned Kinoite step by step so I guess I never installed a bunch of apps at a time.


You probably just want install here and not update install.

I did that because the Redhat bugzilla people told me I could have any dependency issues not updating first, so this command kinda works. Does rpm-ostree install x y z work normally?

Because it is really nice to have this in one command to save time and resources

Have you tried it that way, as suggested above?

You might find out by testing instead of asking others.


Tested it, that command works.

You can combine operations with rpm-ostree:

$ sudo rpm-ostree update --install foo ...

Oh okay thats the answer. Is there a limit?


It seems there are limitations

rpm-ostree update --overwrite remove firefox --install kate

maybe its overwrite-remove ?