Rpm-ostree hangs in update

I have update issue here. I am using Rawhide and update hangs. It shows increasing number items to be written then hangs. Cancel do not work and clear also do not make difference. I think this is a bug and how to report it?

I had the same problem in the past week.

I have no choice, I used rpm-ostree rebase command.

rebase -> fedora 31 -> rebase -> fedora rawhide

Version: Rawhide.20200313.n.0

In my case I haven’t found any other way to solve the problem.

For reference, there is currently a problem with gdm. Be careful when updating.

There is more simple one. Need to choose in boot earlier build and then update and working build come top of the list. I was so simple not to use main advantage of system. Rebase means that you are using an other OS and it is not my favourite to solve issues as it is work around.

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