RPM development/how to read conflicts


Currently I am trying to adapt k3s-selinux for Fedora CoreOS 39. Building the package under Fedora:39 works just fine, but when attempting to install I do get the following message:

$ rpm-ostree install ~core/k3s-selinux-0.0~a370547ddirty-0.coreos.noarch.rpm
error: Could not depsolve transaction; 1 problem detected:
 Problem: package container-selinux-2:2.227.0-1.fc39.noarch from @System conflicts with k3s-selinux <= 0.4-1 provided by k3s-selinux-0.0~a370547ddirty-0.coreos.noarch from @commandline
  - conflicting requests

I am really puzzled on how to read this. “k3s-selinux cannot be installed because container-selinux exists” - this does not really make sense to me.

Additionally I would appreciate if you know a good introduction into rpm packaging. Everything I found so far felt more like a die hard end 90s linux documentation and I would be really happy to have something more accessible.

Kind regards, Theo

By ‘conflicts with’, it means the package has a Conflicts: directive.


So obvious and yet it was unexpected to me that container-selinux does reference k3s-selinux, a out of the repos.

Thank you :+1: