RPi4 (aarch64) XFCE second login hangs at white screen

I’m running Fedora38 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (aarch64), with XFCE and all updates (dnf up -y + reboot).

The first time logging into XFCE (with either LightDM or LXDE) works fine, zero issues. After logging out and/or rebooting and trying to log in a second time, it accepts my username & password, then goes to a white screen, with just the mouse pointer. No response to any mouse click events (left, right or middle), and after waiting an hour, it remains stuck at this white screen. If I manually blow away the config ( ~/.config ) then XFCE works fine again. Until the next attempt, when its broken all over again. I created a dummy user to test and it exhibits the same problem. Even root has the same problem (which should prove its not some weird permissions issue).

I’m not even changing or configuring anything during the first login. Login, immediately log out, login a second time, and its broken with the white screen again. There’s nothing in ~/.xsession-errors .

I’m not really sure what else to check.