RPi boot issue with kernel 6.4.7 from Latest arm server update

Just ran updates on my Pi, rebooted and now all I get is a blank screen no log in prompt kernal updated to 6.4.7-200.fc38.aarch64 was fine before that.

Any ideas?

Can you ssh into the Rpi from another computer to see what is happening?
(I change the topic to be specific to your issue)

Which model of RPi is it and how much memory?

Hello Barry,

Thanks for the reply, I can access via cockpit not yet setup SSH, it’s a RPi4 8 Gig, as above it was fine until I ran the latest updates, on a reboot outside of cockpit i see all the text and the line that says booting which should then go to a command prompt, that I don’t see.

I have what sounds like the same issue with x86 desktop on kernals 6.4.7 and 6.4.6, but 6.4.4 works fine. Maybe try booting with 6.4.4 if possible.

As Joel suggested boot from the previous kernel to see if that the kernel is the problem.

I always setup ssh to all my computers as it is very useful means to maintain them.

Update, I switched back to the previous Kernel 6.2.9 which was working, but still have the same problem so guessing it was some other part of the recent update, out of idea’s now.

have you setup ssh so that you can gather information to help debug this?

Hello, Barry

No not setup ssh, had to go back to ubuntu for the time being as I needed my Pi up and running, also with wanting to run a gui as well ubuntu gives me the option of Bluetooth, this is another problem with fedora.

Will try again with fedora when I have more time.