Root Password for Fedora 37 Server QEMU (KVM) Image

Hi, I downloaded the “Fedora 37: QEMU image for x86_64” from Fedora Server | The Fedora Project

And I’m trying to ssh/ login with Cockpit, but I cannot figure out the root password.

I have tried:

  • root:root
  • root:
  • fedora:fedora
  • fedora:

But none of them could authenticate. What is the root password?

The image is meant for using some init environment to set root account access.

Please check


There is no root password on the install image. In fact the root password may be set during the install into the VM (or cloud image) but is not needed to launch the install.

On initial boot you get the opportunity to do some configurations, including setting the timezone, defining the root password and to create the first user on the system.

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If we are not talking about cloud images, on first boot you should see the initial setup

Here you can enable the root user and set the password.

However it is a good choice to let it disabled and use a different user that can use sudo.

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I’m running into the problem on Fedora 38. I ran virt-install with --cloud-init and it showed me a temp root password, but that password didn’t work.

If that is the only user created on that vm image then it seems the easiest fix would be to simply remove the image created and create a new vm image making sure to capture the automatically generated password during the 10 seconds it is displayed.