I’m having trouble running any kernel newer than kernel-xanmod-edge-5.17.5-xm1.0.fc37.x86_64. When I do I the system won’t start the GUI to login. I tried setting the system to multi-user and used systemctl start graphical.target with the exact same results. I’m new to fedora so I’m not sure how to login to kde plasma without a login gui. The commands I’m used to from debian (like startx startplasma-x11) don’t work.

Just unsure why everything is like clockwork on 5.17.5, but 5.17.6, 8 and 9 all gave me issues.

What kinds of hardware are you using (specifically GPU)? Does the issue persist while using the stock Fedora kernel? This may be a kernel regression that has to be reported to the mainline.

Ryzen 7 3700X and GeForce 1660 TI are the CPU and GPU. I need to check if the newer stock kernels work for me and then i’ll report back. Thank you.

Hi, I’m having trouble setting the kernel module of some devices to vfio-pci when the machine boots while using this kernel. I can manually attach devices to the stub driver once booted, but I’d like to be able to set this configuration in i.e. /etc/modprobe.d/vfio.conf and run dracut so it’d be already done for me on boot. Is this a limitation of the exptl kernel, and I simply need to use a different one, or is this a general limitation? I am not having this issue while using the stock kernel.

My dkms-nvidia builds OK but failed to install.
The DNF returs the conflict info. It seems that some kernel function missing caused the package requirement check failing.

rmnscnce, the stock fedora kernel does work for me. It’s just the xanmod ones newer than 5.17.5 that won’t work.

I’ve never seen ABI checks on the RPMFusion akmods for Fedora. Are you sure you’re using the correct driver packages?

I see, could you fetch the logs using journalctl?

I fetched the logs over a 15 minute period because I wasn’t sure exactly when the errors were reported. Sorry.

I’m quite sure that i’m using the original RPMFusion akmods pack without any modification.
Kmod-nvidia built with vanilla kernel-devel of fedora 36 can be installed with no error.
But it still works fine with xanmod if I force the kmod pack installed manually.

did i clip the right section of log?