XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel distribution with custom settings and new features. Built to provide a stable, responsive and smooth desktop experience.

The real-time version is recommended for critical runtime applications such as Linux gaming eSports, streaming, live productions and ultra-low latency enthusiasts.

Supports all recent 64-bit versions of Fedora Linux.

※ RT builds are currently unavailable

Main features

  • Preemptive Full Tickless Kernel at 500Hz w/ Tuned CPU Core Scheduler.
  • RCU Boost for better responsiveness and lower overall system latency.
  • Full multi-core block layer runqueue requests for high I/O throughput.
  • Caching, Virtual Memory Manager and CPUFreq Governor improvements.
  • BBR TCP Congestion Control + FQ-PIE Packet Scheduling and AQM Algorithm
  • ORC Unwinder for Kernel Stack Traces (debuginfo) implementation
  • Third-party patchset available: Futex2 interface [5.11], BBRv2 TCP congestion [5.11][5.10][as module], ZSTD kernel modules support [5.11][5.10], Clear Linux [partial], CK's Hrtimer patchset, Futex Proton Fsync support, PCIe ACS Override [5.11][5.10], Aufs [5.4] and Graysky's GCC patchset.
  • High responsiveness multitasking CacULE scheduler (SCHED_NORMAL) based on ULE interactivity score mechanism build available
  • GPLv2 license. Can be built for any distribution or purpose.

Installation Instructions

sudo dnf enable rmnscnce/kernel-xanmod

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

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I was just looking into trying to compile the RT on Fedora 33. Is the lack of RT here temporary and just needs work, or are there some specific issues with it?

Is the lack of RT here temporary and just needs work

Totally temporary. I will package RT variants as soon as the rt-edge branch on upstream got rebased to 5.11.y. Using “oldstable” (5.10.y is considered “oldstable” even though it is LTS) kernels is not the way of Fedora Linux, I believe.

Also I currently have a lot of stuff to do IRL so adding a new package is not in my roll right now. (Don’t worry, upstream is still and will be getting merged)

RT is in the build process right now. It hopefully will be ready in the next 2 hours or so

consider update the dependencies/requirements to follow fedora upstream?