Stub package to %{provide} stuff needed by AMDGPU-PRO OpenCL to trick it to use Mesa libraries

AMDGPU-PRO OpenCL install guide on Fedora (reddit.com)

Installation Instructions

※IMPORTANT: It looks like Wayland (and by extension default GDM) doesn't work after using this. Might be permanent breakage -- Use on your caution
  1. sudo dnf copr add rmnscnce/amdgpu-pro-shims
  2. sudo dnf in amdgpu-pro-shims
  3. Install AMDGPU-PRO OpenCL [Guide here]

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Maybe it is safer to stick with the Radeon RS780 etc. driver within the Linux kernel, also liberating of the bother to deal with the amdgpu package altogether. That is how 1 PC malfunction was fixed in 2021.

No Mesa files are harmed with this package

This package actually prevents AMDGPU to do such thing