Rhythmbox playlist recovery

Is there a recovery system for recovering deleted playlists in Rhythmbox? If not, others can use the process I list below to recover from back up. I recently deleted a few of mine by accident. There is a plus, a minus, and an eject button at the bottom of the side bar. I accidentally clicked the minus button (a few times) and deleted a few automatic playlists and one large static playlist I had recently created. I looked but could not find any kind of undo button nor any instructions on recovering playlists. A quick search revealed that the local playlists were located at ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/playlists.xml I took a look and my playlists were still all there. including my large static playlist. I made a copy of the file thinking that when I shut down this file will be updated. Sure enough, I shut down Rhythmbox and took a new look at the file and the playlists were indeed gone. I renamed my current playlist file to OLDplaylist.xml and copied back in the original list. Relaunched Rhythmbox to find the playlists were all back. So, it appears if you loose a playlist you can recover from backup using the same process.