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Thank you Lokesh for your work on this repository.
Are there any plans to make podman 4 available in CentOS 8 Stream as well, in addition to FC35 and C9 Stream?

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You should probably ask in an issue at GitHub - containers/podman: Podman: A tool for managing OCI containers and pods.

I wasn’t really sure if the packages for Fedora/CentOS were maintained by the podman developers.
Anyway, I just opened RPM packages for CentOS 8 Stream · Issue #13350 · containers/podman · GitHub to track this.

On CentOS 9 Stream, I got “Error: This repository does not have any builds yet so you cannot enable it now.” when trying to enable. “sudo dnf copr enable rhcontainerbot/podman4 centos-stream-9” worked.

Hi all, I plan to keep this repo enabled only for Fedora 35 as that’s the only env which doesn’t have a convenient way to get the latest podman. All others, including c8s and c9s now have podman in the default repos, so there’s no point in keeping them enabled.