RHBZ#2233084 Review Request: python-click-option-group - Option groups missing in Click

Bugzilla #2233084

Description: click-option-group is a Click-extension package that adds option groups missing in Click.
Complexity: Simple

Added some comments.


@eclipseo Can you re-review? The description length was actually resolved in latest submission. The documentation, if possible I would like to postpone the update when I’ll change the backend to use myst directly

Ok this is approved.

Please mark this post as a Solution.

Thanks. I think I’ve addressed all of the notes you had there, except for:

add the package to Koschei in the python-packagers-sig group on all branches you are building

How do I do that?

Maybe you can’t if your not part of the SIG. There is a dropdown on the Koschei page to add packages to a group:


Yeah, I can’t add it there. Ok, I’ll ask on the matrix for the help on that.

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