RHBZ#2143020 Review Request: lua-linenoise - A binding for the linenoise command line library

Bugzilla #2143020

Description: Linenoise (GitHub - antirez/linenoise: A small self-contained alternative to readline and libedit) is a delightfully simple
command line library. This Lua module is simply a binding for it.

The main Linenoise upstream has stagnated a bit, so this binding tracks
GitHub - yhirose/linenoise: A small self-contained alternative to readline and libedit, which includes things
like UTF-8 support and ANSI terminal escape sequence detection.
Complexity: Medium

Review is done:

  • This needs to be SPDX:

# Binding is MIT license and bundled linenoise is BSD
License: MIT AND BSD

License: MIT AND BSD-2-Clause

  • You don’t seem to use the Makefile so this is probably not needed:

BuildRequires: make

  • please use autorelease/autochangelog

  • put the %forgemeta below the %global definition

Get back to me with NEEDINFO when the SPEC is fixed.

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Package approved.

Please mark this post as solution.

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Thank you!

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