RFC: Disabling OpenID login for comments on magazine


I received a report that the OpenID login on comment is broken (from shlomifish, on irc). I suspect this is due to the custom plugin we have to connect people to FAS, as it fiddle with the OpenID login form by injecting JS injection, but I can’t seem to reproduce (for a start, I do not see “login with openid” on the comment form with my browser).

Do people here use the OpenID login for comments, and if so, did people seen any problem ? (it seems to request a login on 2 website, 1 for the 1st openid provider, and the other on FAS).

I will try to disable it on staging later, and get people to test, but if no one reported sooner, maybe that’s because no one use it before. To be clear, I speak of the checkbox on Log In ‹ Fedora Magazine — WordPress "Enable OpenID for comments "

I didn’t think we were using that, but at the least I don’t think we’ve received any comments to date about it.