[Review request] Fedora London Meetup comes alive in 2024

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Our London-based Fedora Community members got together in person behind nick.

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We’ve awakened a small but passionate group of Fedora contributors and users living in the United Kingdom. We had a chance to introduce ourselves, share our ideas and passion points in February at a vibrant community of University College London (UCL).

Huge thanks to Richard Jones from Red Hat and Fedora RISC-V SIG member, we learned a lot about the new open standard architecture of computing.

That’s not all. A few of attendees couldn’t resist ‘London pub culture’. We didn’t plan it, but London magically attracted us to an old English pub, a short walk from University College London. We hope more people can join pub chat next time.

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Guess what :slight_smile:

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Hi @hankuoffroad, thanks for submitting this write-up of the meetup in London! :uk: This is great and I love to see the pictures too. This is a good model for how other local meetups could report on what happens. Today I learned, there is a SELinux Confined Users SIG.

@roseline-bassey was assigned as the editor for this article, and she did the work in getting this prepped for publishing. The article is scheduled for 2024-05-30T08:00:00Z, so it will be live really soon!

This is the link where the article will be once it does publish:


Also, I came up with an image for this meetup. We will use it for any future Community Blog posts, but of course, you can use it for your own purposes too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jflory7, the featured image looks great. Thanks for putting this together.


@roseline-bassey Thank you for being our leading editor on this piece. :wink:

@hankuoffroad I will be in touch soon about next steps for closing out this meetup. I really appreciate you taking the time to document the meetup and share it here. It is really important and it does help!