[Review Request] Fedora Legal SPDX hackfest

Article Summary:

Information about the upcoming Fedora Legal SDPX hackfest

Article Description:

Mostly just information about when the event is.

Link to draft


Featured image or inspiration for one?

I defer to experts

@dcantrell your time zone math doesn’t check out. 1000 Eastern is 1600 CEST (not CET, for clarity) and 1400 Eastern is 2000 CEST. You have 1800 and 2200 as the CEST times. Based on the Fedocal entry, I’m taking the Eastern time as authoritative, so I corrected the CEST times in the post (and added UTC). Please let me know if that’s not what you intended.

I fixed some formatting issues and rearranged some content. I also added a link to the phase 2 Change proposal for people who aren’t sure what this is about.

I created a generic “Fedora Legal” image to use.

The post is scheduled to run 2023-04-20T08:00:00Z.

I also added it to the Friday’s Fedora Facts and FPgM office hours files.

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