[Review Request: 26th June] - Fedora Linux 40 Release

Article Summary: Fedora Linux 40 Unleashed: A Roundup of All the Exciting Updates!

Article Description: Fedora Linux 40 is out, and it’s packed with exciting updates! From a revamped GNOME desktop to cutting-edge AI/ML tools, this release has something for everyone. Explore the latest developments in Fedora Workstation, KDE, Atomic Desktops, and more. Plus, discover downstream projects and hardware collaborations that are expanding Fedora’s reach. Get ready for a comprehensive roundup of all the amazing things Fedora Linux 40 has to offer!

Note: I do not have a featured image, and need one created. I would also like for the article to be published on the above date. Thank you!

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At a glance, your post looks OK to me. I’ll do a more thorough review of it tomorrow and I expect we will be able to get it published on the 26th. Creating an image shouldn’t be a problem.

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Excited for this to come out!