Review & Publish: "You're invited to the Fedora Linux 38 Release Party!"

Article Summary: Join the Fedora community from June 2-3, 2023 to celebrate the Fedora Linux 38 release cycle. Registration is free and open now.

Article Description: Information about the release party schedule and registration for Fedora Linux 38. Prefer to publish ASAP.

Link to draft

Featured image or inspiration for one? I made this and uploaded it to the article:

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Moved to Magazine workflow since this is user-facing.

If you can move the content to Fedora Magazine’s WordPress instance, I’ll give it a quick review and hit the publish button.

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Article #200 in Pagure

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Copied to WordPress. I didn’t copy over tags. You can grab the featured image from the communityblog-images repo.


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Thanks all for getting this over the finish line!

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