[Review & Publish] USB Device Emulation


I’m asking for Review and Publish for this article:
USB Device Emulation

Thank you very much in advance

Hi Jose,

This looks like a great article, but it’s not really a fit for the Community Blog. It reads more like a Fedora Magazine article. (Roughly, CommBlog is for posts aimed at contributors and Magazine is aimed at users). I’ll re-tag this post into #workflows:magazine so that the Magazine Editors can take a look.

It seems I’m not able to preview it on the Community Blog site. @jtornosm, can you copy the content to Fedora Magazine’s site?

Hi Ben and Gregory,

Ok, I will create other Post with the content in Fedora Magazine.


Hello Gregory,

I have prepared the article for Fedora Magazine:
USB Device Emulation

Thanks again

@jtornosm: card #118 was created to track your article in Pagure’s kanban system. @theevilskeleton is going to check the article for spelling and grammer mistakes and schedule it for publication tomorrow, Friday, May 6th at 08:00 UTC. If you have any concerns please communicate them to TheEvilSkeleton using the comments section of the card.


@jtornosm I don’t seem to be able to assign card #118 to you. Have you logged into the Fedora Magazine Pagure site in the past?

I don’t think so, I have tested that I can access to the card but nothing else.
If you need it I can try it right now.

I have just logged in, and it seems to work for me

And I have just assigned to me

That’s great. We use the cards for communications between authors and editors on an article. We find it easier to track than using Discourse.

Thank you for taking care of that.