[Review & Publish] The Community Platform Engineering F2F 2023 Experience - Part II

The draft can be found here

Thanks, @glb and @rlengland!

+1. Thanks Akash.

When I try to read that I get only This link has expired as a wordpress error.

Annoyingly, those links auto-expire after a time. Also, you may need to be logged in first. Does it work if you first browse to the following link.


After signing in with your FAS account, you should then be able to click on Posts in the left-hand sidebar, hover over Akash’s The Community Platform Engineering F2F 2023 Experience – Part II article at the top of the list, and then click the Preview link that should appear just under the title.

I signed in to the link you provided and was able to see the article. However there was not a usable link.

The entire title column was inactive.

It also seemed strange that the date last modified was 4 days into the future.

Hmm, how about now? I’ve changed your role from the default “Contributor” to “Author”.

Yeah, the WP interface leaves a lot to be desired. If the article has a publication date set, then that shows as the “last modified” date. The permissions are also a horribly long list of interdependent checkboxes that I’ve never been brave enough to mess with. The last person who touched them accidentally gave contributors the ability to edit posts after publication (and we don’t want them to do that).

You should see links when you hover over a title like so (but since things like edit and trash are in that list, maybe only editors can see those):


P.S. This is the actual link that I see when I hover over that Preview link: https://fedoramagazine.org/?p=38357&preview=true

Thank you.
I was now able to read the post and enjoyed reading about the team adventures and comraderie.

While I have no intent to ever edit another persons articles, it seems odd that contributors cannot even read the proposed articles and make comments on them. All I was able to see as a contributor was the title and info shown in that image.

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Yes, something seems a bit broken about the default permissions in WordPress, at least with regard to what I mean by “Public Preview”.