[Review & Publish] Pagure Exporter is now available

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Pagure Exporter is OUT NOW


Pagure Exporter is now available

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With most of the projects moving away from Pagure to the Fedora Project namespace on GitLab, the Fedora Infrastructure and Release Engineering team was tasked with creating a tool that would help existing Pagure users migrate their project assets from that platform over to GitLab. The tool is now available on official Fedora Linux repositories for usage.

Link to draft - Requires Login

Featured image or inspiration for one?

Eh… Try having a SHELL icon (representative of Pagure) having an ARROW icon (representative of transferring) pointed from itself to a FOX icon (representative of GitLab).

I don’t know.

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A quick clarification: who should the author be? I see @zlopez is the post author but I see you @t0xic0der requesting the review. I just wanted to be sure I understood before it goes live. :slightly_smiling_face:

In either case, I appreciate taking the time to write an article about this. I hope this gets more people excited about the project too! We should probably forward this to the Fedora Devel list too, in addition to the Community Blog.

I edited this and scheduled it for 2023-11-16T08:00:00Z. I made a few edits, for reference:

  • Added a summary paragraph at the top to quickly identify the main topic of the article and prompt an advanced reader to get started faster.
  • Link density is high, so I removed hyperlinks when they were duplicated or very similar.
  • Added several headings. This breaks up the article into more sequential parts and also boosts SEO for specific keywords used in the header.
  • Convert in-line code text to code blocks (easier to copy + paste from WordPress interface).

@jflory7, I changed it to @zlopez (of course, after getting approval from him) as it felt awkward to speak glowingly about a codebase that I myself wrote. Hence, he is the intended author of this blog post.

About devel-list, roger that. I will definitely share this over there (or have @zlopez do it LOL) once it is published. I want to be able to reference the blog post there to keep the mail small + accurate.

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