[Review & Publish] "Outreachy intern : December 2022 - Introduction"

Hello I would like to request review and publish for this blog for the community blog.

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Hey Tanushree, welcome to the Fedora Community and Fedora Discussion! Excited to see you around more in the community. An editor, likely @bcotton, can help get this prepared for publishing.

Thanks for the submission! I made a few changes

  • Remove the Outreachy logo from the body (since it’s already the featured image)
  • Add a “read more” tag
  • Add heading elements
  • Minor wording changes for readability and style

The post is scheduled to publish 2023-01-12T08:00:00Z.


Thank you for the warm welcome. equally excited to be a part of it :smile:

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Sounds great, really appreciate the work :blush:

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