[Review & Publish] Next week: Fedora Contributor Tee Shirt Giveaway!


Please review this post and publish on Thursday April 14th. We are doing a tee shirt giveaway this month to celebrate the release of F36. This is the pre-promotional piece as the giveaway will only be open for 24 hours. We have scheduled the giveaway for April 21st and there will be another post that needs to go out on that date, at a specific time. I will get that into wordpress next week.

Thank you!


Made like three small wording tweaks and scheduled it for 0800 UTC on the 14th. Do you think you’ll want to make a featured image for it, or should I dig something up?

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Oops, I made a banner for this. Added!

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Great! It wasn’t showing up on the post, but I see it in the media gallery, so it’s all set now.