[Review & Publish] Mindshare Quarterly Report - Q4 2021

Hi there,

Please review and schedule this blog post: Mindshare Committee Quarterly Report - Q4 2021 [0]. It is the first edition of the newly established quarterly report, so it would be great to get a review of the format/structure/section order specifically. I am offering the Mindshare peeps a chance to review as well since it’s the first go around[1]. Please publish schedule at the end of this week or next week works fine as well.

[0] Mindshare Committee Quarterly Report - Q4 2021 – Fedora Community Blog
[1] Issue #306: Mindshare Quarterly Update: October-November-December 2021 - mindshare - Pagure.io

Thank you!


reviewing :slight_smile:

Changes I made:

  • A few Grammatical fixes
  • Added a couple of links
  • Added read-more block
  • added meta description – to improve SEO

scheduled for Thursday 8am UTC

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@siddharthvipul1 and I connected off thread about postponing this for a couple days to see if we can get a couple more additions. Let’s shoot to publish next Tuesday?

hi @riecatnor, I have updated the schedule