[Review & Publish] Mindshare Committee Quarterly Report - Q1 2022


Please review & publish. Ideally, this would go out before the end of April (we are a little late, oops).

Thank you!

I think I see a minor typo in part of the text that I contributed. I don’t think “Forum” should be upper cased in “… the Fedora Project’s YouTube channel, Matrix channel and Discourse Forum have been added …” because I don’t think it is part of the proper noun. I think the name of the software is just “Discourse”. But I could be wrong.

Also, it should probably be “Matrix homeserver” rather than “Matrix channel”. I guess I need to do a better job at proofreading my own text. :stuck_out_tongue:

reviewing :slight_smile:

some meta updates and split long sentences for easy readability.
@riecatnor: I have scheduled this for 2022-04-28T08:00:00Z.

About the ambassador’s monthly call “Please provide your availability through whenisgood by April 27th.”, since the post wouldn’t be out by then, should I remove this?

That makes sense. I removed it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Definitely my sentences lol