[Review & Publish] Kubernetes Support On Fedora 37

Article Summary:
Due to a go language constraint in Fedora 37, updates for Kubernetes v1.25 are no longer available from Fedora. A COPR project has been created to supply updates.

Article Description:
A short note about updates for users of Kubernetes on Fedora 37.

Link to draft

Featured image or inspiration for one?

Thanks! I made a few minor edits and scheduled it for 2023-09-28T08:00:00Z

Thanks Ben. The goland maintainer tells me that a change request for F37 to upgrade go to 1.20 on f37 will be submitted to fesco. Is it allowed to amend a blog post with an update? Both F37 and kubernetes 1.25 reach EOL in late Oct or early Nov. And kubernetes 1.25 is well behind the current 1.28 release so there could be few users who are affected or care. On the other hand, i think it is a positive signal to community that fedora is serious about being responsive and supporting users. Even if just a handful.

Yeah, if FESCo approves the proposal, we can edit the post with whatever changes are necessary.

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