[Review & Publish] Introducing the Community Design Team (CDT) Part 1


You might have seen this kicking around in drafts. We’re pretty happy with it now and ready for a review and publish as soon as makes sense. Thanks!!



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WordPress says you’re still in the editor. i’ll take a look when you’re done.

Oh whoops I cleared out of there, thanks :slight_smile:

I made a bunch of small edits for style and to shorten sentences.

What I don’t see in here that I expect people will want to know: how does this team relate to the existing Fedora Design team? Does it replace the existing team? Is it a part of the existing team? Does it act as a consultant/vendor (for lack of a better term) to the existing team?

Ah good call. Originally this was going to be one blog post that addressed this, and we decided to split it into two separate posts and we’d slated this bit for part 2. I added a couple paragraphs towards the top to help broach this and to segue into part 2. Can you take a look and let me know if it makes sense?

(I just closed it out again. Sorry I’m a tab hoarder)

Looks good, thanks! Sadly, it seems my edits didn’t save, so I’ll make all of those again and schedule it for 2022-11-24T08:00:00Z (unless you’d rather wait until Tuesday to avoid the US holiday)

that works, thank you!

Okay, great! It’s edited and scheduled