[Review & Publish] Infra & Releng Quarterly Update

Article Summary:

Quarterly report of what the Infra&Releng Team did

Article Description:
This article provides an infographic as well as details about the work Infra&Releng Team did in the previous quarter.

Link to draft

Featured image or inspiration for one?
I think the same for previous one could be used 2023 Year in Review: Infra & Releng – Fedora Community Blog

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Hi @zlopez! Per last week’s roundtable, we would like to edit and schedule this for Thursday, 6 June. @amoloney is your assigned editor for the article.

@roseline-bassey Once you are back from the holiday tomorrow, could you take a look at this article and help support @amoloney in editing? The timing with DevConf CZ has made coordination here tricky.

Sure. The blog post has been edited and is now published.

@zlopez Here’s the link to view the blog post: Infra & Releng Update Q1 2024 – Fedora Community Blog