[Review & Publish] I&R 2023 Summary

  1. Article Summary:
    Yearly report of what the I&R Team did

Article Description:
This article provides an infographic as well as details about the work I&R Team did in 2023.

Link to draft

Featured image or inspiration for one?

Something infrastructure related

Hi, could you recite what does I&R stand for?

Yes, it’s Infrastructure & Release Engineering.

Discussed in 2024-01-23 Community Blog editor roundtable.

This post was much shorter than the CPE year-in-review and covered similar topics as the CPE year-in-review. @zlopez ,@amoloney and I were wondering if you felt these two posts could be merged into one?

Reason behind keeping them separate is that we already have a separated summary of 2023 for CentOS, which is linked in CPE summary as the CPE team is working on both CentOS/Fedora Infrastructure. And it makes more sense to keep the Infra posts separated, so they can go to separate blogs and keep CPE blog post as connection between that two.

Just pinging to ask if this was scheduled already?

Discussed in the 2024-02-27 editor roundtable.

We discussed this article and scheduled it for Thursday, 29 February (public preview here). I came up with a featured image that I think is something infrastructure-related. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for submitting this, @zlopez!

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