[Review & Publish] How to rebase to Fedora Silverblue 40 Beta

Article Summary:

Guide for rebasing to beta of next Fedora release for Fedora Silverblue.

Article Description:

The guide will show you step by step process for rebasing (and eventually rollback) to latest beta release of Fedora Silverblue.

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Maybe it was a good thing that reviews were slow here, given the events of last Friday :sweat_smile: In general, I think this is a great topic and also helps get people more comfortable with the idea of Fedora Atomic variants!

However, the Fedora Community Blog is focused on contributor-centered news, updates, and announcements. Similar to another recent proposal, what you have written is applicable to Fedora users everywhere. Because what you drafted has an appeal to Fedora users, what you have written seems to be a better fit for the Fedora Magazine instead.

@glb, @rlengland, could you take a look at this article draft and see if it would be a good fit for the Magazine? The public preview link is here.

(I promise I am not trying to be lazy, but I do think these recent topics are good fits for the Fedora Magazine!)

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@zlopez One of the items on the release calendar for the Fedora Magazine, for Fedora 40 is exactly this article but for the final released version. Would be acceptable for you to modify this article for the final release rather than for the beta?

If so let us know here and we can assign the Pagure ticket to you.

Thanks for doing this.

I’m usually doing both of them. Beta for community blog and the final release for magazine. I can just create the final one if desired and just skip the beta one. My original idea with beta article was to get more people to test it.

I can understand the desire for more testing. My concern is only that articles for beta and final are going to be essentially the same article with just a few pertinent changes aren’t they?

The article for the final release is not scheduled for publication until the day after final release… Would it be possible for you to work both beta and final into the same article? Would users think to look for the article after the final release if we do that early?

I would add a short blurb that a rebase to beta will automatically get upgraded to final after release. Essentially they are the same command and will do the exact same thing. Just rebase to 40 beta = 40 final on rpm-ostree upgrade when released.

I don’t think we need to work on beta if it will be released at the same time as final and you are right, the only difference between Beta and Final article is the guide for GNOME software in case of Final.

I will probably work on final anyway, so we can just close this and I will prepare the final article in magazine instead.

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I will assign Pagure card #276 to you.



Thank you all for your help in coordinating this! Looking forward to the Magazine article. :grinning:

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