[Review & Publish] “How Do You Fedora” video series Intro

Hiya! Is there any chance someone could review and publish this article? There’s no strict deadline, but it’d be nice if it could be published within the month.

One thing I wasn’t sure of what the correct dimensions of the featured image.


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Ack. I’ll review it tomorrow with a goal of publishing it next Thursday (though I may bump it up to Tuesday if the article planned for then isn’t ready).

Image guidelines are in the communityblog-images repo. That repo also has an Inkscape template you can use.

Looks good! I made a few small tweaks and added a couple of links. It’s scheduled to run next Thursday.

Thanks Ben! That was much faster than I was expecting haha.

Just wanted to let you know I’m shuffling the schedule a bit, so this will now publish on Tuesday 23 February. Sorry for the delay!