[Review & Publish] GSoC 2020 Fedora Project Student Interviews

Hey @bcotton

Fedora was accepted for GSoC and finally our mentors picked up 4 students for projects. The post talks about the projects, mentors and student’s introductions for the folks to read. Please review and publish.

Thanks for keeping up with this! :raised_hands:

BTW, is this only GSoC students or does it also include Outreachy interns?

@jwf no this is just the GSoC Students. Although it briefly mentions, about if someone wants to talk about Outreachy they can reach out to Marie and/or you

@bcotton I went ahead and published it, this an important announcement for the community to know these faces.

Good to know. I opened a new ticket to track this:


It is better if my name is left off. I am between work and it is hard for me to predict what my time to volunteer on this will be like over the next few months.