[Review & Publish] Fedora Websites and Apps Team - What have we been up to?

Hello there!

Please review and publish the blog post, the draft of which is attached below, as and when a sooner room is available in the schedule.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @ekidney,

Following up with Issue #367: Fedora Website and App Survery request for changes - mindshare - Pagure.io, could you please track the publishing date for this post, so that you can add the end date for the survey exactly two weeks down the line from then?

I did a lot of sentence surgery to shorten sentences to a more readable length. I also added a featured image, read more tag, and some headings. It’s scheduled to publish on 2022-10-18T08:00:00Z


Thanks for the clinical assistance haha.

I would be certain to take care of sentence lengths, images, tags and headings in the subsequent blogposts :slight_smile:

Thanks @bcotton and for the writeup @t0xic0der!

A few small new edit suggestions -

  • As the websites are now again developed from the ground up into As the websites are now being developed from the ground up?
  • Maybe also all the good things that the team is amounting. to all the good things that the team is working on.
  • Typo Note note that into Note that .
  • Maybe we should link directly to fedora / Fedora Websites and Apps / Fedora Websites / fedora-websites-3.0 · GitLab as we haven’t really been maintaining or updating the other 3 repositories in Fedora Websites · GitLab and they could be confusing to potential contributors (not up-to-date on code or issues, etc etc)

Maybe we should also say when we’re planning to ship it? F38?

Thanks for marking these points out, @nikodunk.

I have made some of the changes and retained some that felt right. I have still kept the subgroup as it is the place which still houses all the epics, issues and projects that are applicable subgroup-wide and refrained from providing the shipping date for now. When we would be absolutely sure of it, we can always write another blogpost and let folks know about it. :slight_smile:

@bcotton, hello there. In order to ensure that the changes that i made are actually saved, I had to convert the post to a draft and then schedule it again on 2022-10-18T08:00:00Z. Do let me know if this was the right course of action or if I ended up messing something up. :confused: